Touch Tanks rolling toward release

We are anxiously preparing for the big day. Touch Tanks has evolved into something we think is going to be very special. We will support online 4 and 6 player gameplay over 3G, WiFi and Edge. We use Apple hardware, Xserves, on the back end so the whole game is built on Apple tech.(We will have more on the server technology later.) We were shaking out our production hardware yesterday with some people playing from Germany and some people playing from the US . We think we will be able to support gameplay world wide based on what we have seen in terms of network latency.

In terms of gameplay we have added three power-ups, an optics power up, a health power-up and a cloaking power-up. We have also added the ability to upgrade your tank munitions and armor as your earn experience. You can deploy mines to set up defensive positions. Take a look at these gameplay screen shots to get an idea:


Nice mention for FS5 in PC World about the upcoming tablet.

Like everyone else we are very curious about what will be announced next week.

FlipSide5 joins Plus+

We have partnered with NGMoco:) and joined the Plus+ network, see the press release here

Turning over the network to Nothing But Nets

This weekend we are going to do something different, we are turning our entire in-game ad network over to the UN Foundation's Nothing But Nets campaign.

Nothing But Nets is a grassroots campaign to prevent malaria by sending long-lasting insecticide-treated nets to families in Africa. Malaria is a leading killer of children in Africa and refugees are especially at risk. Approximately two million people will play a FlipSide5 iPhone or iPod touch game over holiday weekend and when they do they will learn about the Campaign and the fight to stop malaria.

Long-lasting insecticide-treated bed nets are one of the easiest and cost-effective methods of preventing the spread of the malaria. Bed nets prevent malaria transmission by creating a protective barrier against mosquitoes at night, when the vast majority of transmissions occur. It costs just $10 to purchase and deliver a net to a refugee in need, and to educate the recipient on its proper use.

To learn more please visit NothingButNets

So while you are playing one of the games this weekend take a little time out to learn how you can help prevent malaria and protect some of the world's most vulnerable.


Sneak peek at the new CheckersFS5

Take a look at the persistent turn by turn feature in the next release of CheckersFS5,
let us know what you think.