Turning over the network to Nothing But Nets

This weekend we are going to do something different, we are turning our entire in-game ad network over to the UN Foundation's Nothing But Nets campaign.

Nothing But Nets is a grassroots campaign to prevent malaria by sending long-lasting insecticide-treated nets to families in Africa. Malaria is a leading killer of children in Africa and refugees are especially at risk. Approximately two million people will play a FlipSide5 iPhone or iPod touch game over holiday weekend and when they do they will learn about the Campaign and the fight to stop malaria.

Long-lasting insecticide-treated bed nets are one of the easiest and cost-effective methods of preventing the spread of the malaria. Bed nets prevent malaria transmission by creating a protective barrier against mosquitoes at night, when the vast majority of transmissions occur. It costs just $10 to purchase and deliver a net to a refugee in need, and to educate the recipient on its proper use.

To learn more please visit NothingButNets

So while you are playing one of the games this weekend take a little time out to learn how you can help prevent malaria and protect some of the world's most vulnerable.

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