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Augmented Reality

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The time old game brought to your favorite devices. With support for iOS, macOS, and tvOS, Mancala is the most fun board game to play with friends anywhere.

Early Days

In the past, we've brought the best games to iOS. Our top of the class games reached over a hundred million total downloads.

Augmented Reality

How We Prepared for AR

In late 2016, we saw the potential that Apple’s looming introduction of Augmented Reality could impact the mobile industry in the same way that the announcement of the iPhone did. We’ve developed our games with this in mind, using next-generation SceneKit technology and 100% Swift, the official and up-to-date language of iPhone applications, in our games. When Apple confirmed our suspicions in WWDC and announced that iPhones have had AR hardware capability for 2 years and that SceneKit is the software of choice for rendering it, we began working overtime to bring our already next-gen 3D software into the new age: Augmented Reality.

Why We’re Ahead of the Ball

The bulk of the typing legwork on our applications was done months ago, as we’ve already developed our 3D apps in SceneKit, as mentioned before. Now, all that’s left to do is implement the newly-released AR Software in our games. Whereas many companies will have to reinvent their visuals from the ground up to make their games compatible with AR on the iPhone in SceneKit, we’re already on the doorstep of AR software, just waiting for Apple to open the door.